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With over 25,000 members in more than 70 countries, the Chaîne des Rôtisseurs is organised internationally through national, provincial and local Bailliages. The Chaîne is forever expanding and evolving through the creation of new Bailliages.

A National Bailliage usually denotes a country, a Provincial Bailliage a region within that country and a Local Bailliage a city or town within the National or Provincial Bailliage.

Bailliages are run under the control of a national president, known within the Chaîne as the ‘Bailli Délégué’ who is supported and assisted by a national management team (council) in the preparation and the organisation of  ‘Chapitres’, one, two or three day social and educational gala events which celebrate and culminate in the induction of new members.

Members generally wear ribbons at such events which denote their level of membership, whether professional or non-professional.  These designations and insignia are standard in all Bailliages worldwide.

The sheer diversity and geographical reach of the Chaîne des Rôtisseurs demonstrates that each Bailliage forms a vital and important part of a much larger and dynamic international community.

Baillage de Kuala Lumpur Council

Contact e-mail for Chaine Kuala Lumpur:

Bailli de Regional Kuala Lumpur (President)

Dato Kulasegaran
Tel. 03-7954 2269
E-mail:   and

Mr. Naresh Mohan

AJmalKhanVice Argentier
Ajmal Khan

PeterPadmanConseiller Gastronomique
Peter Prem Padman

CharlotteDonvangParksVice Charge de Mission
Vice Charge de Presse
Charlotte Donvang

Vice Conceiller
Hratch Khatchanian

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