We passed through India

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Over 70 members and guests enjoyed an unusual and informal evening with sugar and spice and all that was nice! Most people had dressed according to the theme of the evening: in their best Indian outfits.

The evening gave us a good village feeling through the decor of the restaurant ‘Passages Thru India’… and at times one could almost imagining being in India due to an occasional slow service. Very authentic indeed and we were duly impressed with the food which was delicious as well as the dedication by the staff to try and live up to our high standards.

The menu included traditional dishes such as the Rasam soup as well as unusual dishes such as roast leg of lamb and delicious morsels of prawns and fish… finishing off with a very sweet desert in the typical Indian style. Meanwhile, we were entertained by authentic Indian music. Yet another successful evening organised by Chaine Kuala Lumpur.

Enjoy some photos of the evening here:

India_Feb14_02 India_Feb14_03 India_Feb14_04 India_Feb14_06 India_Feb14_07 India_Feb14_08 India_Feb14_09 India_Feb14_10 India_Feb14_11 India_Feb14_12 India_Feb14_13 India_Feb14_15 India_Feb14_16 India_Feb14_17 India_Feb14_18 India_Feb14_19 India_Feb14_20 India_Feb14_21 India_Feb14_22 India_Feb14_23 India_Feb14_24 India_Feb14_25 India_Feb14_26 India_Feb14_27 India_Feb14_28 India_Feb14_29 India_Feb14_30 India_Feb14_31 India_Feb14_32 India_Feb14_33 India_Feb14_34 India_Feb14_35 India_Feb14_36 India_Feb14_37 India_Feb14_38 India_Feb14_39 India_Feb14_40 India_Feb14_41 India_Feb14_42 India_Feb14_43 India_Feb14_44 India_Feb14_45 India_Feb14_46 India_Feb14_47 India_Feb14_48 India_Feb14_49 India_Feb14_50 India_Feb14_51 India_Feb14_52 India_Feb14_54 India_Feb14_55 India_Feb14_56 India_Feb14_57 India_Feb14_58 India_Feb14_59 India_Feb14_61


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